Woodworking Tools

Benny's Woodworks carries some woodworking tools, and also supplies a vast array of wood products, cabinet hardware, abrasives, magnets, hot glue and craft items.
A woodwork tool can be a clamp or vise or pneumatic tools such as drills, saws and nail guns.

Before beginning a project, make a list of tools and supplies needed including safety goggles and apparel. A basic woodworker's tool kit may consist of;

  • combination squares
  • sliding bevels
  • marking gauge
  • framing square
  • 12' steel tape
  • folding ruler
  • scratch awl
  • manual saws
  • power saws
  • pliers
  • cutters
  • wood planes
  • files
  • rasps
  • scrapers
  • utility knives
  • hammers & mallets
  • routers & drills
... and a variety of other woodworking tools needed to make your woodwork project or crafts have the professional look you desire!